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United hiring staff due to increasing demand by flying public

Robert Besser
17 Jun 2021

CHICAGO, Illinois: Flight attendants for United Airlines can breathe a sigh of relief as they will be recalled at the start of October owing to travel demand picking up, as per an internal communication for staffers.

A drastic shift occurred in the fate of those working for United in the three-month period since the third tranche of assistance was received in March. With the number of COVID-19 vaccine recipients increasing, the demand for traveling has risen, thereby spurring the need for a larger workforce.

"This announcement makes it clear: the Payroll Support Program (PSP) worked," according to Sara Nelson, serving as the AFA international president on behalf of almost 50,000 flight attendants from 17 airlines, which included United.

Federal assistance, totaling $54 billion, was offered to the carrier for job protection of the workforce and pay at a time when employees were laid off due to flight schedule reductions amid the COVID-19 crisis.

With an increase in the rates of inoculations, carriers are increasing flights, calling back employees, and in several situations, even looking to hire more staff.

Just in June, United Airlines is acting proactively through the addition of over 480 daily flights in its monthly schedule.

"Given the current outlook for the future of United, we continue to move closer to full frontline staffing levels to support our operation," a representative of the airline noted.

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