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Life disrupted flights, trains cancelled in Bavaria after snowfall

Robert Besser
6 Dec 2023

MUNICH, Germany: The heavy snow and icy conditions that hit Bavaria, Germany, canceled flights and long-distance trains out of Munich, as well as closed Christmas markets and ski lifts, and postponed a football match.

Magda Shokosa, a stranded passenger at Munich Airport, said, "Everything is closed. Online does not work. Well, you have to be patient, there is nothing you can do."

On its website, Deutsche Bahn said trains could not arrive at Munich's central train station, and the situation was expected to last all day, with considerable delays expected until December 4.

The German Weather Service had estimated that 30 to 40 centimeters of snow would fall by the weekend, and local media reported many transport accidents and traffic jams on icy roads.

A Bundesliga match between Bayern Munich and Union Berlin was also postponed.

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