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"Math doesn't add up": Vivek Ramaswamy accuses Nikki Haley of corruption, corporate connections

7 Dec 2023

Tuscaloosa (Alabama) [US], December 7 (ANI): Tech entrepreneur and Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy tore into opponent Nikki Haley, also an Indian American, during Wednesday's GOP debate in Alabama.

In the fourth Republican candidates' debate of the 2024 US presidential campaign, Ramaswamy not only voiced his past concerns about the former UN ambassador's religious faith and her choice not to use her full Indian name but also went further by accusing Haley of corruption. He held up a handwritten sign that read "Nikki = corrupt".

During his speech, he waved the sign in the air to emphasise his point, criticising her for employing what he termed "identity politics."While responding to a question about his previous comments on Haley's faith and naming choices, Ramaswamy shifted the narrative to focus on his corruption allegations. He remarked, "I don't question her faith, but I question her authenticity."Ramaswamy openly questioned the rationale behind the establishment's support for Haley. He supported his accusations with a detailed narrative, saying, during her first five years after the 2004 election, Haley's family income allegedly experienced a threefold increase.

Ramaswamy also claimed that while serving as governor Haley accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts. Haley purportedly awarded multimillion-dollar state contracts to companies that granted her access to private jets.

Accusing Haley of a conflict of interest, Ramaswamy stated she provided a USD 120 million incentive to Boeing in South Carolina, only to join Boeing's board after leaving public service. Post her tenure as UN ambassador, Ramaswamy alleged that Haley amassed over USD 8 million, including earnings from her family's military contracting business.

Ramaswamy criticised Haley for allegedly collecting corporate stock option grants from boards while actively running for the presidency.

Summing up his allegations, Ramaswamy boldly declared, "The math doesn't add up. Nikki Haley = Corrupt."However, when allowed to respond to Ramaswamy, Haley chose chose not to, stating, "It's not worth my time to respond to him."Four contenders for the Republican presidential nomination--Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie--engaged in a heated exchange during Wednesday night's fourth presidential debate in Alabama for the 2024 cycle. (ANI)

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